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Spring Bud Project

In 1989, under the leadership of All China Women's Federation (ACWF), China Children and Teenagers’Fund (CCTF) launched, organized and carried out the Spring Bud Project,which is a social welfare program mobilizing social forces to help dropout girls return to school and to improve teaching conditions in poverty-stricken areas. The project has played an important role in assisting the government in developing the welfare education for the needy children.

In the past 20 years, the Chinese Government has been continuously concerned with the Spring Bud Project and people from all walks of life have generously donated for the project. The Spring Bud Project has been keeping up with the times and innovating constantly. The project involves a series of welfare actions, including "Student Aid Action”, “Talents Cultivation Action”, “ Employment Action", "Special Action in Caring for Left-behind Children" and “Bud Protection Action”. Beneficiaries from the project and the derived actions expanded from girls of nine-year compulsory education to girls of high schools and colleges, from rural poor children to left-behind and migrant children, from vocational education and training of elder girls to professional training of school teachers, and from educational aid to care for physical and psychological safety for school girls.

As the scope of the project has become diversified, the area of the funding has been expanding and the beneficiary has been broadening. The Spring Bud Project has gradually established an overall aid system of education, safety and health for children, especially for girls.

So far, the Spring Bud Project has aided more than 3.69 million poverty-stricken girls to return to school, built 1,811 Spring Bud schools, vocational education and training for more than 527,000 girls, and compiled 2.17 million safety manuals for school girls. A large number of “Spring Bud” students have become professionals in society, who are contributing their intelligence and talents to urban modernization of China.

Children’s Happy Home

As China has accelerated the pace of urbanization and industrialization in recent years, a large number of surplus rural labor force search for work in cities, the problem of left-behind rural children has become increasingly prominent. According to the latest survey of All China Women's Federation, the country has 61 million left-behind children in rural areas. Some left-behind children have been separated from their parents for a long time, arousing a series of social problems resulted from problems of life care, kinship care, safety and psychological health.

To further deepen the care services and explore effective mode of caring for left-behind children in rural areas, All China Women's Federation and China Children and Teenagers’Fund jointly launched "Children’s Happy Home" project. Those happy homes set up in rural areas provide child care services, family education guidance, psychological counseling and other services for left-behind children. In the meantime, "Children's Happy Home" provides a platform for parent-child video chat, classes, reading and video games, which serve to improve family communication, strengthen the popularization of scientific knowledge for family education and to optimize the family and social environment for left-behind children.


China Children and Teenagers’Fund launched a public welfare program "HELLO Kids" in 2015. The program offers "Love Package ",which contains supplies for study, daily life, culture and sports, and emergency, to poverty-stricken children and children who have suffered from unexpected accidents or disasters. “HELLO Kids” aims to give blessing and regards to the children and to make them grow up happily and healthily.

At present, the program has two sets of "Love Package":

A:Package of daily necessities

For poor students and left-behind children, the package offers 18 kinds of life necessities, including crayons, jump ropes, harmonicas, thermos cups, charging flashlights, health emergency kits, umbrellas, hats, gloves and so on. Two different packages for spring/summer and autumn/winter have been designed. Donation standard for each package is 200 Yuan.

B:Package for Post-disaster Emergency

This package, specially designed for children suffered from natural disasters or accidents, offers 21 kinds of necessities for study and daily life. Post-disaster epidemic prevention essentials are added to the package. Two different packages for spring/summer and autumn/winter have been designed. Donation standard for each package is 300 Yuan. The package will help pull the children suffered from natural disasters or accidents through the transition period for relocation.

The “HELLO Kids” program is based on people from all walks of life, and enterprises and public figures are motivated to join in the program. By now, over 11,000 sets of Love Packages of “HELLO Kids” were handed out to needy children in Beijing, Tianjin, Gansu, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Hebei, Anhui provinces, etc. Greeting and cares are sent to the needy children through these Love Packages.

Children's Safety Program

Background of the program

Accident events such as natural disasters, traffic accidents have occurred frequently. Weak safety consciousness and poor knowledge of self-protection often lead to threats to the life safety and physical and mental health for children. It’s a shared responsibility for the whole society to pay special attention to the health and safety of children. "Child Safety Education Project" aims to gather social resources and arouse the whole society to pay attention on emergency education. In order to better promote healthy and safe growth of children, the project has carried out a series of propagation, education and training activities and has upgraded safety facilities and improve the emergency skills for children and safety management level of relevant places.

Purpose of the program

The implementation of Children's Safety Program will gather social strength of love and arouse care and concerns of the whole society to the children emergency education. By carrying out a series of propaganda and popularization activities, education training, and software and hardware improvement measures, the program will improve children’s safety emergency knowledge and the safety management level of related places, so as to promote children and teenagers’ growth safely and healthily.

Children’s Health and Relief

A. Special Fund for Amblyopic Children

The fund provides aid to Amblyopic children in poverty-stricken areas and help restore their vision.

Donation standard: Every 5,000-yuan-donation can help one child to cure amblyopia (covering the cost for examination and treatment, as well as the child and his or her parents' accommodation during therapy).

B. Wisdom-inspiring Fund

The fund provides treatment and rehabilitation assistance for those children with cerebral palsy in poverty-stricken regions.

Donation standard: We provide 20,000 Yuan to each child who needs operation and 10,000 Yuan to each child who is in rehabilitation treatment.

C. Special Fund of Relief for Hearing Impaired Children

We help children aged under 18 to regain hearing ability by donating cochlear implants.

Donation standard: Every 100,000 Yuan is provided to cover the expense for the cochlear implantation operation (including the cochlear implant ) and rehabilitation training for one child.

D. Special Fund of Vitiligo Relief for Teenagers

The fund provides medical aid to children with vitiligo in poor areas to help them recover from the illness.

Donation standard: We provide 3,000Yuan to each child patient for each course of treatment.

E. Special Fund for Beautiful Sonic

The fund aims to aid children aged under 7 to regain from poor families with congenital hearing impairment and help them restore hearing.

F. Yirui Charitable Fund

The fund aims to provide free rehabilitation assistance for those cerebral palsy children of China Children's Welfare Home and cerebral palsy children with their family annual income less than 30,000 Yuan.

G. Special Fund for Spinal Health

The program has set up spine physical examination centers nationwide, which aims to provide free spine physical examination for primary and secondary school students throughout the country.

H. Eradicating Anemia among Infants

The program aims to improve the nutritional state of children in the rural areas, upgrade the health quality of children in the poverty-stricken regions, and reduce infant anemia by providing nutritional packages to poverty-stricken counties in western regions.