Announcement of Tender Results for Tender Invitation Regarding the Women and Children’s Insurance Project

2016/07/11 05:30

In order to adapt to social development and serve more children and their families, China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation plans to launch a comprehensive research project on the women and children’s insurance situation, with the result used as reference for the government to improve insurance for the two groups. This project will demonstrate the feasibility of commercial insurance as supplementary insurance for women and children.

On June 7, China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation announced its tender invitation notice on the project. By June 17, 2016, the deadline of the tender invitation, CCTF had received bidding materials with qualifications and conditions from six institutions, Including  Institute of Finance and Banking of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China, Xinghuo Scientific Innovation (Beijing) Scientific and Technological Development Center, Guozheng Think Tank (Beijing)’s Social Economy Consultancy Center, and Beijing Normal University’s Qi Gong Educational Technology Research Institute.

In order to ensure a fair and transparent tender assessment process, a project committee was established consisting of five experts in the finance and insurance field. The experts are from Women’s Studies Institute of All-China Women’s Federation, Research Bureau of People’s Bank of China, Insurance Association of China, Beijing Technology and Business University, and Ping An Insurance (Group) Co Ltd., respectively. (See attached the CVs of the panel judges of the tender assessment committee.)

On July 5, 2016, the tender assessment committee held a review meeting on the qualifications of the tendering enterprises/institutions. Their bidding proposal, project implementation experience, capability, and tender offers were evaluated and scored. According to the final ranking of the scores, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Finance and Banking won the bid with a bid amount of 600,000 yuan ($90,184).

Any part disagrees with the tender result shall submit objection in written form to China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation within three working days after the announcement. Late submission will not be accepted.


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China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation

July 11, 2016




CVs of the panel judges of the bid assessment committee

1. Deng Ying: Associate researcher of Research Bureau of People’s Bank of China. Deng Ying received its PhD degree in Economics in 2007 (Joint doctoral training program of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and University of Munich in Germany). Deng finished a postdoctoral research at the Applied Economics Postdoctoral Station of Central University of Finance and Economics in 2013 and he worked at the Research Bureau of People’s Bank of China since then. Deng Ying has compiled two books, including New Monetary Policy Framework on Preventing Asset Inflation and has five awarded academic research results, including Study on Differences of Currency Structure’s Impact on the Different Price.

2. JiangXiuhua: Research Fellow, Assistant to Director, and History Research Office Head of the Women's Institute of All-China Women's Federation, with research areas focusing on gender and women development. Jiang has published over 70 academic articles and compiled more than 20 works, such as Gender Culture and Gender Construction, Theory and Practice of Chinese Women Organizations’ Development and Gender and Law: Research and Strategies, Woman Theory and Practice, and Ten-Year Review of Chinese Women Research–A Response to Beijing Platform for Action. 

3. Fu Yunbo: Master of Economics. Fu Yunbo was the director of Personal Insurance of Beijing Insurance Association, and is currently the head of Agent Department of the Insurance Association of China. In 2007-2015, Fu worked on building the Beijing Health Insurance Information Platform, compiling the book New Life Insurance Products Basic Knowledge and Practice, and doing a number of research work. Fu Yunbo won the honorary title of “Beijing Health Insurance Expert,” and was selected into the insurance program specialists for the Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center.

4. XuXu: XuXu hada PhD degree in Economics and he is currently the associate professor, deputy director of Department of Insurance, and vice director of Insurance Research Center of the Beijing Technology and Business University. Currently, Xu is also the director of the Beijing Insurance Institute Academic Committee with main research areas covering personal insurance and insurance supervision. Xu teaches courses including Principles of Insurance, Insurance, Personal Insurance, Personal Insurance Research, Insurance Legal System and Regulatory Policies, and Insurance Economics. XuXu’ academic achievements consist of dozens of professional papers including the China Effective Insurance Regulatory System Research (authored), research projects at municipal and provincial level, and some major and key projects of China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

5. Yang Zeqiang: Yang Zeqiang is the deputy Secretary General of China Ping An Insurance Group’s Consolidated Commission on Financial Development, and member of panelists of the Chinese Finance Association. Since1997, Yang held the positions of general manager of East China Ping An Insurance Group’s Internal Audit Division, general manager of Group Insurance Department of Ping An Group’s Tianjin, Henan, and Beijing Branch, supervisor of Ping An Insurance Group Western and Southern Regions, general manager of Ping An Group North Division, and deputy Secretary General of China Ping An Insurance Group’s Consolidated Commission on Financial Development. Yang’s academic research include: How Insurance companies Can Maximize Value, Leap from the Trough to the Peak, Slogan Style Management and Fifteen Measures about Increasing Income and Cutting costs. 


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