"Ken" stays for love and warms the little migratory birds The Little Migratory Bird Fund issued the first batch of "Mother Allowance" in Hunan

2021/03/12 17:03

The growth of a child cannot be separated from the care of the mother. With the company of maternal love, the "little migratory bird" feels warm. On March 7, on the eve of "March 8th" International Women's Day, in order to thank the "Little Migratory Bird Mothers" who returned to work for love, the Little Migratory Bird Fund co-sponsored by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund and KFC distributed the first batch of "Migrant Bird Fund" in Changsha County, Hunan Province. "Mom allowance", and arranged a variety of parent-child activities for the "little migratory birds" and mothers on the day of the event, allowing them to spend a happy day together.

In 2016, the Little Migratory Bird Fund provided care for "little migratory birds" nationwide through reading, art, sports and other forms. It also took the lead in launching the "Little Migratory Bird Mothers Going Home Action" in Hunan to provide employment for the "little migratory birds". "Moms provide jobs. KFC has opened more than 750 restaurants in Hunan, Chongqing, Henan, Hubei and other places to provide employment opportunities for "little migratory bird" mothers. This year, KFC even issued a "mother allowance" in Hunan's first pilot program to attract more young migratory bird mothers to come back to work in their hometowns, and to accompany their children to grow up while enhancing parent-child relationships.


Hunan’s first pilot granting of "Little Migratory Bird Mother Allowance" to help parents of left-behind children improve parent-child relationship


Yuan Hui, member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Women’s Federation of Changsha County, grants allowances to the "Little Migratory Bird Mother"

"Ken" stayed for love, KFC gave them the first batch of "Mother Allowance"

On the eve of "March 8th" International Women's Day on March 7, "Little Migratory Birds" and their mothers were spending a pleasant day at the KFC restaurant in Future Mancheng, Changsha County. There are not only KFC Kiki to take the children to play and play, but also a special story for migratory birds, allowing children and mothers to enjoy high-quality parent-child company, and there is also a KFC restaurant for migratory bird mothers assembled by "little migratory birds" and mother Lego custom model. With the company of their mother, the children are very happy with smiles on their faces.



With a mother’s company, the children are very happy with smiles on their faces

At the scene, the mothers of the "Little Migratory Birds" received a special holiday gift-the "Mom Allowance" from the KFC Little Migratory Bird Fund, which contained tickets for activities to promote parent-child interaction and online training courses to enhance parent-child relationships. After receiving this heart-warming gift, "Little Migratory Bird" mother Xiao Gao felt very happy: "Thank you KFC Little Migratory Bird Fund, this gift came too timely." Xiao Gao's husband works outside the home all year round, and the couple can only keep under 4 years old. 'S children stay in their hometown and are taken care of by their grandparents. "When I left, the child was very happy to have a video chat with me. In less than a month, he didn't want to talk to me. He pretended not to hear him when he called him in the video." In Xiao Gao's impression, the child She has always been very good and obedient, very lively, but since she and her husband are away all year round, the children have become more and more taciturn and less confident. In April last year, Xiao Gao decided to return to his hometown and chose to work in a KFC restaurant. Since then, I have spent more time with my children. "I want to understand my children better, and I want to learn more about how to promote parent-child relationships. I hope to eliminate this through my efforts. The negative impact of not being with the child."


"Little Migratory Bird Mother" Xiao Gao wants to understand her children better, and also wants to learn how to promote parent-child relationship


"Little Migratory Bird Mother" Xiaolin hopes to have more time to play with her children


Feel the high-quality parent-child company, "Shen Piao Clan" Xiaosu and his children are reading a book together

"Close to home, flexible schedule, stable salary, social welfare and security, this is the job I want to find! Of course, the most important thing is to stay with my child and grow up with him." A KFC " The recruitment information of the mother of "Little Migratory Bird" made Xiaosu, the "Shen Piao Clan", a bright spot. Five years ago, for better development, Xiaosu and her husband went to Shenzhen to work hard, gather less and more with their children. Not only did the parent-child relationship get worse and worse, the arguments behind the surrounding neighbors and the inability of elderly parents to educate their children made the young. Su was worried. After discussing with her husband, Xiaosu returned to his hometown of Hunan in 2018 and became a "little migratory bird" mother employee at the KFC restaurant in Songya Lake, Changsha County. After receiving the playground ticket in the "Mother Allowance", Xiaosu's 11-year-old child jumped up happily. "KFC is flexible at work. I go to work during the day and study with my children at night. It feels good. However, I still rarely accompany my child. The children go out to play, I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future," Xiaosu said.

Waiting for love and caring for the growth of "little migratory birds"

KFC has been in China for more than 30 years and has always been committed to giving back to the society, constantly improving the public welfare system, actively assuming social responsibilities, helping the needy groups to grow up healthily and confidently, and providing them with more opportunities for fair development. From the “KFC Little Migratory Bird Fund” that cares for left-behind and migrant children, to the charity activities that promote “neighborhood with love” in KFC’s communities throughout the year, from the “angel restaurant” that helps disabled youth’s career development and integration into society, to The "KFC Dawn Fund" that supports poor students from "receiving" to "self-help" and "helping others". KFC has always upheld the public welfare concept of "Affirmation of Love", giving back to the society and delivering positive energy.

As one of the most important brand projects under KFC's "Affirmation of Love" charity concept, since its establishment in 2016, the Little Migratory Bird Fund has rooted in communities and rural schools, insisting on implementing the care for left-behind and migrant children, and helping them grow confidently . So far, the fund has donated more than 540,000 books, set up more than 1,900 small migratory bird book corners in 29 provinces and cities across the country, and carried out more than 500 small migratory bird-themed activities, benefiting more than 2 million children. Not only that, KFC actively connects all walks of life with innovative forms of communication and diversified communication channels to expand the boundaries of public welfare, lower the threshold of public welfare, and drive more people to pay attention to the growth of left-behind and migrant children, and send more to children." Affirmation of love".


In Hunan, KFC hopes more "little migratory bird mothers" will stay with their children


KFC Little Migratory Bird Fund hopes to make children grow up happily with emotional companionship

“For the first time in Changsha County, the pilot grant of KFC Little Migratory Bird Mother Allowance is to pay attention to the needs of parents of left-behind children to improve the quality of parent-child companionship and scientific family education capabilities,” said Yuan Hui, a member and vice chairman of the Changsha County Women’s Federation. The number of jobs returning to their hometowns has increased, and many workers have found jobs at home. Although the number of left-behind children is declining year by year, there is still a long way to go to strengthen care and protection for them. The head of the KFC Hunan market said: "In the future, we will continue to explore more effective ways to support left-behind and migrant children with immature wings and help them fly to a better tomorrow."

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