Caring for the first time, weaving love and warmth 丨 Turning into love with action, helping every life and health

2020/12/28 17:01

Every parent wants their children to be healthy and smart after birth. From the mother-to-be’s pregnancy to two years after the baby’s birth (that is, 270 days of pregnancy plus 730 days of two years after birth), the first 1,000 days of life are an important stage in the growth of fetal brain cells and a critical period of nutritional intervention. The World Health Organization defines it as the "window of opportunity" for human growth and development.

With the starting point of helping pregnant mothers in more assisted areas to spend the golden 1000 days scientifically, adhering to the concept of effectively solving the nutritional problems of pregnant women and infants in assisted areas and helping to block the intergenerational transmission of malnutrition, China Children and Teenagers' Fund at the end of 2018 Together with Reckitt Benckiser Mead Johnson, we launched the three-year "Caring for the Beginning" 1000-day Early Life Nutrition Improvement Charity Program, which plans to provide comprehensive nutritional support and assistance to 10,000 mothers and babies in 25 assisting counties to protect the healthy growth of babies. In 2020, the "Care to the Beginning" public welfare program will continue to actively promote its work under the special environment of fighting the epidemic. As of the beginning of December, the project has successfully trained more than 1,000 primary-level medical staff in 15 assisting counties and provided nutritional support and assistance to 6,000 pregnant women.

In order to allow more social forces that are concerned about the healthy growth of children to participate in the plan, in early December, China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation and Reckless Mead Johnson jointly launched a series with the theme of "caring for the beginning, weaving love and warmth". activity. On Weibo, WeChat, Douyin and other social media platforms that are highly active and cover a wide range of people, we call for more friends online to pay attention to pregnant mothers and babies healthy through various forms such as shooting short videos, participating in online topic activities, and H5 public service advertisements. 


The WeChat platform through the H5 interactive page with the theme of "Caring for the Beginning, Weaving Love and Warmth", so that every caring participant can experience the wonderful journey of the baby's early 1,000 days of life and understand the importance of the growth and development window of opportunity; The fun topic activity of the music platform "Caring for the First Time, Weaving Around Love and Warm Up with Hand Speed" invites netizens to shoot and upload short videos of speed knitting bibs, and give lucky netizens a "lucky suit" including "Love Bib"; The topic activity #关爱至初,围爱织暖# initiated by the blog platform has also attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens. As of December 29, the H5 interactive page views of the theme series of "Caring for the Beginning, Weaving Love and Warmth" reached 700,000+, Douyin video exposure 2 million+, and Weibo topic readings reached 23 million+.

At present, the activity is still progressing in an orderly manner. Many netizens leave messages enthusiastically, share enthusiastically, and convey warm care from the whole society to pregnant mothers and babies in the help area through different ways of love linkage.


(Spontaneous participation in Douyin topics)     


 (Online people participate in comments)



"Care for the Beginning" will give full play to its driving force,

Turning action into love in the winter,

Help every life and health set sail.

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