Caring for children in need, warming and accompany growth The fourth "Happy Home for Children" donated by SM China was completed in Chongqing

2020/10/13 11:02

On September 27, the "Happy Home for Children" donated by SM China was unveiled in Dabao Village, Sanyi Township, Shizhu County, Chongqing City. This is after Leshan in Sichuan, Nanping in Fujian, and Zichuan in Zibo, SM China donated the fourth "Children's Happy Home" through the China Children and Teenagers' Fund.


The "Happy Home for Children" donated by SM China was unveiled on September 27 in Shizhu County, Chongqing


Group photo of the unveiling ceremony


Left-behind children sign on the sign board

At the unveiling ceremony, the guests and about 20 local left-behind children signed their signatures on the fun graffiti board, branding this memory with their own imprint. After the unveiling ceremony, the winners of the previous "SM Little Child Star Selection" presented schoolbags, stationery and other gifts to the left-behind children, and together they played games, read books, and experienced various facilities and equipment in the "Children's Happy Home". The children also took photos with Polaroids together to freeze the beautiful moments in a handmade photo frame made by everyone.



Kids making handmade photo frames

Chongqing Shizhu "Happy Children's Home" covers an area of about 135 square meters. It is located in the newly-built convenience service center building in the central area of the market town. The China Children and Teenagers' Fund is equipped with books, musical instruments, educational toys and other cultural and sports supplies, including computers. And other communication equipment, to provide children with the opportunity to make video calls with their parents on a regular basis, making the family connection more convenient.

After the project is launched, it will become a place for children’s puzzles, fun reading, gatherings and exchanges. The local Women’s Federation and SM China’s shopping malls will also organize volunteers from time to time to carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities, parent-child classes, children’s science popularization, and children’s self-care. Knowledge training, psychological counseling and counseling, family education and guidance services, and loving mothers paired assistance, etc., allow left-behind children to get more company in their childhood.


Winners of the previous "SM Little Child Star Selection" presented gifts to left-behind children

This year, the world has encountered the Covid-19 epidemic, and SM still has not stopped its public welfare. At present, SM China has donated 4 "Happy Homes for Children" and plans to donate at least 2 "Happy Homes for Children" every year in the future. The target provinces and cities will cover Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Shandong, Tianjin and other places. . Since the start of the donation plan, all shopping malls in SM China have set up donation points for the "Happy Home for Children" so that more people can join the team to guard the left-behind children. At present, nearly 100,000 donations from nearly 8,000 citizens have been received, which will be used for the construction of "Children's Happy Home" to accompany the left-behind children to grow up happily.


Left-behind children and "SM Little Child Star Selection" contestants experience educational toys, stationery and sports goods in their homes


Children blowing bubbles outdoors

"Children’s Happy Home" is a public welfare project launched by the All-China Women’s Federation and China Children’s and Teenagers’ Foundation in 2014 for left-behind children in villages and communities. It aims to provide left-behind children with services such as learning and living, family care, safety protection and mental health. Optimize the family and social environment in which children grow up. As of the end of 2019, 1,233 "Happy Homes for Children" had been donated in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, with a total investment of 123.3 million yuan, benefiting nearly 700,000 children.

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