The Sichuan Launching Ceremony of the "Spring Buds Program" Adolescent Education Project and the "Girl Protection, Shared Responsibility" Expert Exchange Meeting was successfully held

2020/10/10 10:45

115,000 theme storybooks, 30,000 guardian packages, 200 electronic missionary materials...In just one year, the "Spring Bud Program" adolescent education project has spread to more than 250 schools across the country, sending loving supplies to children And educational materials to help more adolescent girls grow up healthily. More loving materials are being shipped to more regions in an orderly manner, and the pace of caring for girls has been on the way.


On September 28, the Sichuan Initiation Ceremony of the "Spring Bud Program" Adolescent Education Project of the China Children and Teenagers' Fund (hereinafter referred to as "China Children's Fund") and the "Protection of Girls, Shared Responsibility" Expert Exchange Meeting at Chengdu No. 7 Experimental School Successfully held. More than 600 people attended the event, including experts from the China Children’s Fund, the project committee, the Sichuan Women’s Federation, the Women’s Federation of Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Provincial Women’s Federation, Sichuan Family Education Research Association, and local education departments, schools, media, parents, and adolescent girls. .


At the launching ceremony, China UNICEF Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Zhu Xisheng said that the project is based on the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on insisting on "Living and Building People". With the support of experts in many fields, it has sorted out adolescent education. The important content that needs to be covered. It is hoped that through vivid forms, scientific concepts and knowledge can be popularized to more families, schools, and communities, so as to provide effective help for the growth of girls.


Zhang Huaiqing, vice chairman of the Sichuan Women’s Federation, the co-sponsor of the event, said that the project will be used as an opportunity to further utilize the advantages of the Women’s Federation of "lian", strengthen coordination, build a platform, and strengthen services to promote the formation of a school, family, and society. Adolescent education coordination system. It is hoped that the project implementation school will fully support and cooperate actively to make the project do a good job, be practical, and achieve results.


The development of public welfare is inseparable from the strong support of caring companies. Xu Zidan, President of the Development Department of Women's Health Industry of Hengan Group, said that this year we will join hands with China UNICEF again and rely on its Qidu Space brand. The image of an ambassador, to export scientific adolescent knowledge to the children and accompany them in their healthy growth.


During the event, China Children’s Fund and Hengan Group donated adolescent education resource pack worth more than 1.529 million yuan to Sichuan Family Education Research Association, which was used to carry out adolescent knowledge popularization activities in nearly 100 schools in Sichuan Province.


What should I do if I have a conflict with my parents? Facing the communication problems commonly faced by adolescent children, Feng Li, former principal of Chengdu Xingzhi Primary School and superintendent of Jinniu District, Chengdu, brought an open class on the theme of "Mom and Dad I Want to Tell You" for children and parents. Through a lively and interesting explanation, Feng Li had a wonderful interaction with the children and parents on the spot, and guided the children to understand and master the four "passwords for communication with parents", that is, to adjust emotions in time, choose the right time and place to communicate, Tell others about your thoughts for help, and communicate by phone or letter. The children listened with gusto.


The project expert committee leader and professor at Peking University School of Psychology and Cognitive Science Su Yanjie emphasized that the responsibilities of girls’ protection education are multifaceted, not only for girls themselves, but also for families, schools, society, etc., and even for boys’ education. Among them, as a particularly important subject, parents need to understand the development of their children and accompany their own changes during adolescence. On the other hand, the linkage of home, school, and society is also very important. Schools and society should also clarify their responsibilities.


The care and protection of left-behind children in rural areas has always been a work of great concern to the party and the government. During the event, Zhao Ke, head of the Legal Advisory Office of the Sichuan Women's Federation and President of the Sichuan Family Education Research Association, released the report "Building Care and Protection for Left-behind Girls in Sichuan Province". The report shows that most left-behind girls are faced with problems such as survival and health, personal safety, lack of education, and weak awareness of sexual health. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to actively carry out care for left-behind girls. The report puts forward opinions and suggestions in terms of redefining the responsibilities of relevant departments, optimizing working mechanisms, strengthening work supervision, improving relevant laws, and increasing law popularization.

Children are the future and hope of the Chinese nation, and their healthy development requires the joint efforts of the whole society. The event held an expert exchange meeting on the theme of "Girl Protection, Common Responsibility".


Project Expert Committee Leader, Peking University School of Psychology and Cognitive Science Professor Su Yanjie, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Researcher, Adolescent Health and Emotion Expert Chen Yijun, Chengdu Polytechnic University Humanities and Design College Party Secretary and Professor Cheng Jing, Sichuan Normal University Psychology Associate Professor Yang Xuemei, Professor of Psychology at Chengdu University Gou Ping, Vice President of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School, President of Chengdu No. 7 Experimental School, Mao Daosheng, and Panzhihua Experimental School, President and Party Secretary Guo Guangheng respectively delivered keynote speeches, calling on everyone to shoulder the responsibility of protecting girls , To protect their beautiful youth together.

The event was sponsored by China Children’s Fund and the Sichuan Women’s Federation, supported by Heng’an Group, co-organized by Sichuan Family Education Research Association and Chengdu No. 7 Experimental School, Zhongcheng Venture Philanthropy Development Promotion Center, Wenjiang District, Chengdu Co-organized by the Women’s Federation and the District Education Bureau, and also received by the Sichuan Provincial Working Committee for the Next Generation, the Provincial Education Department’s Working Committee for the Next Generation, the Provincial Academy of Educational Sciences, the Sichuan Provincial Women’s Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association, the Sichuan University Education Foundation, and the Sichuan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care The hospital, Sichuan Provincial Maternity and Child Health Association and other related units strongly support.

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