Improve the education literacy of the whole family and cultivate new generations of national rejuvenation

2020/09/12 17:59

On September 9, a preparation meeting for the launch of the "New Parent Academy" project initiated and held by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund was held in Beijing.


The family is the first school in life, the parents are the children's first teachers, and family education is the starting point and cornerstone of education. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech of "Family, Family Education, Family Trait", the "New Parents Academy" public welfare project aims to cultivate socialist builders who adhere to morality, cultivate morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor. With successors as the fundamental task, we are committed to promoting the dissemination of family education system knowledge, improving parents’ educational literacy of scientific parenting, promoting the implementation of socialist core values in the family, and effectively bringing into play family construction in building a harmonious society, advancing the national governance system and governance capabilities Active role in modernization.


Zhu Xisheng, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Children and Teenagers' Fund, chaired the meeting and introduced the preparations for the project.

The curriculum design of the “New Parents Academy” charity project takes Beijing Normal University as the lead unit and unites Central China Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, Capital Normal University, Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, Northeast Normal University, Jiangsu Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, China People’s Public Security University, Shanghai Normal University, and many other educational and scientific research units, as well as experienced tutors and outstanding parents, participate in the development and design of systematic, scientific and targeted development through expert-led, social cooperation, and project funding. Strong "New Parent Academy" family education curriculum system. The content not only considers the dissemination of family education knowledge, science popularization, ability training, and quality improvement in the new era, but also stands at the height of inheriting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and promoting the core socialist values, focusing on the construction of civilized families, fostering good family traditions, and promoting formation Good social atmosphere. With the strong support of the caring company China Telecom 100 Holdings Co., Ltd., the project established the "New Parents Academy" online learning platform, focusing on providing high-quality online family education and learning services to parents across the country relying on mobile phones, TV and new Internet media clients ; At the same time, fully consider the differences and diverse needs of parents in terms of age and cultural level, and adopt a combination of online and offline methods to let family education science popularize knowledge enter schools, communities, and families. The way that we like to hear and see makes parents willing to accept and actively participate.


Zhu Xudong, director of the Department of Education of Beijing Normal University, has positioned the development direction of the "New Parent Academy" project during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, that is, to meet the needs of family, family education and family style construction in my country, and to meet the needs of all family members' learning ability development. The system and mechanism that integrate family education with social education and school education promote the transformation of the development model of family education to a modern form, and continue to provide assistance in building a socialist family education system with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Professor Zhao Zhongxin of Beijing Normal University pointed out that the "New Parent Academy" project should fully explain the profound connotation of the "three stresses" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important practical significance of the general secretary’s important expositions on family tutors and family traditions, and give full play to the cultural carrier of family The function and role of the school; in view of the current lack of professional, systematic, and authoritative guidance in the field of family education, promote the construction of a family education curriculum system, help parents learn scientific ways of thinking, and learn to use educational minds to think about the next generation of education issues .

In the direction and design of the curriculum, Bi Cheng, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, and Sun Yunxiao, a chief expert on family education at the China Youth Research Center, respectively pointed out that the knowledge needs of two different groups of parents and family educators should be considered, and new The improvement of parents' educational literacy and abilities in the era requires a long-term perspective, inherits excellent mainstream culture, promotes home-school co-education, and further mobilizes resources from all parts of the society to form a joint force to improve the education literacy of the whole society.

Wang Zheng, a researcher at the Basic Education Curriculum and Textbook Development Center of the Ministry of Education, and Hong Ming, deputy director of the Science and Management Department of the China Youth Research Center, pointed out that the "New Parents Academy" is a public welfare project with the purpose of fostering people. The media, to solve new problems, must also comprehensively check the content of the course from the perspective of political orientation, public opinion orientation and value orientation. It is necessary to establish a course quality and ideological responsibility system and review system to strictly prevent the occurrence of illegal content, infringement and other content.

The "New Parent Academy" online learning platform is planned to be put into trial operation online in late September. It is hoped that with the support of relevant departments, educational institutions, caring enterprises and expert teams, the project will grow up together with thousands of parents, and contribute to the cultivation of newcomers of the era who are fully developed in the new era and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

At the meeting, an expert committee of the "New Parents Academy" charity project was established to clarify the responsibilities and division of labor of each expert group. Responsible comrades from the Family and Children Work Department and Propaganda Department of the All-China Women’s Federation, and the Chinese Family Education Association attended the meeting.

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