"Fighting the ‘Epidemic’ for Love and Guarding the Newborn"

2020/09/29 17:50

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden Covid-19 epidemic disrupted the lives of people in Wuhan and the whole country. As a susceptible group of pregnant women, they are faced with many challenges such as epidemic protection, obstetrics and delivery, infant pregnancy, nutritional supplements, and psychological counseling. In order to overcome the difficulties together with all sectors of society and protect the safety and health of mothers and babies in special times, on February 11, the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund joined hands with Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. and NCP Life Support Network to jointly launch the "Fight for Love • Guardian Newborn" public welfare project (hereinafter referred to as the "Guardian Newborn" project) provides comprehensive assistance services such as epidemic prevention materials, nutritional support, assistance in contacting hospitals, online consultations, and psychological support for pregnant mothers in Wuhan, Hubei.


The smooth progress of the "Guardian of Freshmen" project has brought together the hard work and efforts of countless volunteers. As the epidemic prevention and control enters the normalization stage, on September 26, the "Fighting the Epidemic for Love and Guarding the Newborn"-Social Forces Participating in the Fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia Work Sharing Session was held in Wuhan, Hubei. The two-day meeting was attended by more than 80 people including representatives of relevant social organizations and volunteers from all over the country participating in the fight against the epidemic. This is also the first time that volunteers who have been fighting side by side via the Internet have met offline since the outbreak. In the two-day event, the volunteers reviewed their participation in the fight against the epidemic, and conducted in-depth investigations in hospitals, communities, and other institutions, to understand the participation of various industries in the fight against the epidemic, and to explore the operational procedures for social organizations to participate in emergency public health events , How can volunteers play a better role in the normalized anti-epidemic phase?


Hao Nan, the initiator of the NCP Life Support Network and the founder of Zhuoming Disaster Information Service Center, believes that this meeting is very important for summarizing the experience of social forces participating in emergency rescue. The anti-epidemic spirit and the spirit of voluntary service promoted at the conference will empower volunteers to continue to be positive after returning to daily life, drive more people to participate in voluntary service, and provide more human resource reserves for normalized epidemic prevention work.


In the past seven months, with the joint efforts of the sponsors and volunteers, the “Guardian Newborn” project has continuously served more than 1,400 pregnant women in Wuhan through the WeChat group; helped dozens of pregnant women with Covid-19. Give healthy babies; welcome the birth of more than 600 newborns; provide 5,100 pregnant mothers with epidemic prevention kits when epidemic prevention materials are in short supply and poor logistics; work with Dr. Chun Yu to quickly develop an online public service consultation platform; Pregnant and lying-in women and novice parents who are isolated at home by the epidemic provide 7*24 hours free consultation services, including respiratory, infection, pediatrics and other departments; the "Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Treatment of Pregnant Women", "Epidemic Prevention Manual for Pregnant Women" and "Guidelines for Peace of Mind for Pregnant Women "Summer Epidemic Prevention Guidelines for Pregnant Women"; organized online courses on scientific parenting, breastfeeding, and postpartum psychological adjustment; donated "Covid-19 Science Picture Book for Children" to 25,000 kindergarten children.


The mothers who had been helped by volunteers in the maternity group, with gratitude, brought the babies to the event site. Volunteer "April" is a Hubei native in Beijing. She shared her story with the mothers at the meeting. The pregnant woman "Xiao Miao" had symptoms of premature delivery on the second night after joining the group, but she herself did not realize the seriousness of the problem, but felt a little strange. Consultation in the group at 4 am, volunteers on duty "April" judged that this was a premature birth based on the situation she described, and suggested that she go to the hospital immediately. In the end, "Xiao Miao" and the baby were safe. What makes "April" gratifying is that because of the daily answers to common questions by volunteers in the group, and the continuous learning of pregnant women, mothers can now help each other, and some common questions can be answered each other.


Volunteer "Min Min" is a witness of the Wenchuan earthquake, who was buried under the rubble for a day and a night. She said that because of this experience, she can better appreciate the preciousness of helping in the face of disasters. Volunteer "Ali" is an emergency doctor at Beijing Aerospace Hospital. As the backbone of online consultation, he shared his story of participating in the anti-epidemic volunteer service and said: "Through this experience, I believe that when I need help, there will definitely be many volunteers to help me."


After learning that the income of some pregnant and childbirth families has been greatly reduced due to the impact of the epidemic, in order to ensure the nutrition and health of pregnant women and newborns, with the strong support of Hubei Women’s Federation and Provincial Maternity and Child Health Hospital, through preliminary investigations, "Guardian The "New Students" project provided 5,000 yuan in living allowances to 50 needy families, for a total of 250,000 yuan. On the second day of the sharing meeting, the "Guardian Newborn" project team came to Hubei Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital to provide living allowances to representatives of families with difficult mothers and children.


In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the “Guardian New Students” project focused on post-epidemic psychological reconstruction work, providing one-on-one psychological counseling for pregnant women in need; carrying out a “seed plan” through training volunteers and community workers , Improve their psychological counseling service ability, and help more mothers and families.

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