"Spring Bud Project" public welfare video won industry awards

2019/12/13 09:55

On December 1st, the award ceremony of the 5th Shanghai Public Welfare Microfilm Festival, co-sponsored by Shanghai Charity Foundation, Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Business Finance was held at the Shanghai World Expo Museum. China Children and Teenagers' Fund public welfare video "Spring Bud Plan" won the first prize of "Best Public Welfare Microfilm".


The "Spring Bud Plan" was produced by Shanghai Magic Digital Creative Technology Co., Ltd. and directed by Wu Ming. It took one year to plan, shoot and produce. The short film uses the lens to record the story of the “Spring Buds Program” initiated and organized by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund under the leadership of the All China Women's Federation in 1989 to help poor girls from school in poor areas return to school, receive care, and courageously pursue their dreams.

In the six-and-a-half-minute length, the short film uses three main story lines to show the changes that girls have made as a result of their relationship with Spring Bud: a pair of Tibetan sisters in difficult circumstances received a college admission letter at the same time, and the sister secretly ripped off her share. I chose to work on the job site for my sister to read. Fortunately, the "Spring Bud Scholarship" sent the two sisters to university classes. The former Spring Buds girls hesitated to return home to teach and work in white-collar work. Her wonderful experience led her to find her original intention, "Being a teacher is my best dream"; a rural left-behind girl was in the first menstrual period, and was panicked with the burden of "I am not the same as them". The sentence "You just grew up, a little earlier than others" by the psychological companion teacher made her feel relieved.


A similar story has happened every day in the 30 years of the Spring Bud Project. In the past 30 years, the "Spring Buds Plan" has continued to innovate and develop. The funding for poor girls has expanded from the initial compulsory education stage to high school and university stages, from the funding of girls to the training of spring bud teachers, to vocational education, Girl protection, family accompaniment for left-behind girls, etc. In the past 30 years, the "Spring Bud Plan" has received such transcripts: 27.84 million donations, 2.1 billion yuan in donations, more than 3.69 million poor girls, 1818 spring bud schools, and 2.17 million sets of handbooks.

At the end of August, the official Weibo of China Children and Teenagers' Foundation showed a short film of the "Spring Bud Project", which received 1.13 million views, more than 7,000 retweets, and more than 4,000 likes. Many netizens said that they were deeply moved and expressed their high approval for the project.


In addition, the 30-second public service advertisement of the three versions of the "Spring Bud Project" short film landed in nearly 100 cities across the country from August 22 to October 16 with the support of China Children and Teenagers’ Fund strategic partner Focus Crystal. Home theaters, as pre-screening advertisements, played 1,382,068 shows in 4,939 theaters, for a total of 11,517 hours.


The "Spring Bud Project" has been developed so far and has always sailed in the ocean of love. We believe that using art to spread good intentions can subtly increase the love, consensus and strength for public welfare undertakings.

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