Youth sailing plan - the "Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Special Training Camp" of Lao Niu's brother and sister's College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship public welfare project opens in Beijing

2019/11/05 16:34

“New energy for mine waste recycling, shared books, unmanned underwater exploration, oil and cultural creation, Internet platform for western agricultural products industry...” 36 aspiring college students, with entrepreneurial dreams to participate in the “Youth Double Creation Training Camp”, together Write a new chapter in youth entrepreneurship.

On November 1st, the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, the Lao Niu Foundation, the Youth League Central network film and Television Center, and the Renmin University of China jointly launched the Youth Start Plan – Lao Niu Brother and Sister University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project “Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Special Training Camp” officially held in Beijing.


“Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Special Training Camp” invited a number of experienced instructors to carry out “Start-up Company Structure and Partner Mechanism”, “Legal Basis and Risk Boundaries of Start-up Companies”, “Equity Incentives for Entrepreneur Teams” and “How Investors See Entrepreneurial Projects” 》The eight major entrepreneurial theme sharing training; organize campers to Didi, Tianyancha and other companies to observe, investigate and exchange; invite the Ministry of Education "Internet +" college students innovation and entrepreneurship national competition judges to diagnose and guide some entrepreneurial projects.


Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, said that the “Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Special Training Camp” is organized to share training through entrepreneurial themes, observe on-the-spot, inspect and exchange, and invite undergraduate entrepreneurs to guide experts to diagnose and guide entrepreneurial projects. Provide each camper with a meaningful, rewarding, and growing entrepreneurial training journey; and cited the May 4th pioneer Li Dazhao famously said "the dictionary of youth, the word of" no difficulty ", the words of youth oral, and the words of" no obstacle ". He encouraged every student present to develop their own vision, increase knowledge and build friendship in the training of" youth entrepreneurship and innovation special training camp ". Meanwhile, they realized their own mission and responsibility, and carried out their ambitions and dreams in the trend of the times.


Niu Ben, chairman of the Lao Niu Xiongmei Foundation, said that since its establishment, the Lao Niu Xiongmei Charity Foundation has attached great importance to the cultivation of the younger generation, insisting on paying attention to and supporting youth entrepreneurship projects. The Foundation is "focusing on the growth and development of the next generation, effective charity. Promote the progress of society, for the purpose of inheriting the charity industry and innovating charity. Together, it is the future of the country, the hope of the nation, the pillars of society, and contributes to the growth and development of young people.

"Youth Sailing Plan - College Students' Entrepreneurship and Innovation Public Welfare Project" is the deepening and continuous promotion of college students' employment and entrepreneurship projects following the "Youth Sailing Plan" launched in 2016. Since its inception, the "Youth Sailing Plan" has actively participated in and cooperated with the government's employment and entrepreneurship service system by mobilizing social forces, focusing on the accurate employment services of college students, especially female college students, and adopting the Internet+ model to evaluate the employability of college students. According to the evaluation results, the matching positions are accurately pushed to promote the combination of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship with industrial development and precise poverty alleviation. The model of female college students' entrepreneurship and youth returning to business is explored to create a good environment for college students to innovate and start a business. A useful exploration has been made on the socialization model of enterprises, the society and the school to solve the problem of college students' employment and entrepreneurship. The project has covered more than 270 colleges and universities in 8 provinces, providing capacity assessment for more than 450,000 college students including 250,000 female college students, and accurately pushing more than 1 million jobs.

Since 2018, the “Youth Sailing Program – College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Public Welfare Project” and five institutions including Renmin University of China, Xiamen University, Tianjin University, Inner Mongolia University and China Youth Network have carried out research on the innovation and entrepreneurship of college students; 4,312 people from colleges and 2 maker spaces conducted research on entrepreneurship education needs, and based on this, developed a video curriculum development plan for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education, and established a team of more than 40 entrepreneurial tutors and investment instructors, including two hospitals. Academicians, university professors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors, lawyers, etc.; for the collection of pilot schools in universities across the country, after verification and screening, 100 colleges and universities are identified as pilot schools for schools, and “Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Special Training Camp” are held in the pilot schools. 

Lian Ruiqian, the representative of the youth marketing plan of the Central Network Film and Television Center, and the representative of the caring enterprise, He Guangjing, vice president of the eggshell apartment brand public relations, and the teacher representative, Wen Haijun, co-founder of Daqi·Beijing Influence Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Zhang Xin, a partner of Beijing Wanshang Tianqin Law Firm, and other guests attended the event.

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