2170 wonderful arrivals: Bontop Group's public welfare project "let's go, youth plan" Dazhou station was launched

2019/10/25 16:31

Children are the flowers of the motherland and the future and hope of the Chinese nation. The growth of children is not only the responsibility of every family and school, but also the responsibility of society and the state. On October 23, 2019, the China Children and Teenagers' Fund and the Dazhou Women's Federation joined hands with the caring company Bontop Group to distribute the "Hello Kids" love package to 2,170 children in 8 primary schools in Dazhou, and donated five "Bontop Group Ankang Library" again. In the late autumn of this cold weather, the children were given special warmth.


On the morning of October 23, the launching ceremony of Dazhou station, a public welfare project of "let's go, youth plan" jointly held by Bontop Group and China Children and Teenagers' Fund, and the student assistance ceremony of pailou branch, No. 7 primary school, Tongchuan District, Dazhou city were held.

“Assisting in education and learning is a public interest area that Bontop Group has been paying close attention to for a long time. Last year, Bontop Group joined the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund in 12 township primary schools in Pyeongchang, Bazhong, and distributed love packages to 1,405 students. Bontop Group Ankang Library, this time in Dazhou, this project is to let more children be cared for and study hard.” Mr. Yuan Wei, deputy general manager of Dazhou Bazhong Company of Bontop Group, said that Bontop Group always adheres to the heart of gratitude as it grows and expands. Every city it enters, it will actively promote the development of local regional economy, society, culture, education and other undertakings, and take the cause of love as a part of Bontop Group's operation, unite the forces of all sectors of society, transfer positive energy of public welfare, and create a harmonious society The social development environment of life.


At the event, the children took the exclusive gift package from the staff and volunteers of Bontop Group and excitedly ran and jumped on the playground. The campus was filled with childlike laughter. Some of them had some can't wait to open the gift bag to check the gifts inside, some carefully hold the gift bag back to the seat as a treasure, and some around the volunteers excitedly said: "Thank you brothers and sisters gifts, everyone has, really good !"


After lunch, the Bontop Group volunteers who were infected by the child's innocence and liveliness also joined the playing team. When they saw the boys playing basketball and playing football in the playground, the volunteers who were good at ball games joined them and ran with them. When they saw the girls playing the shuttlecock and jumping rope, some volunteers played with them. ... The scene of harmony and love on the playground is everywhere. Li Zeng, a volunteer from the Human Resources Administration Department of Bontop Group's Dazhou Bazhong Company, said: "We are like going back to children's times, playing with children, jumping ropes, playing basketball, playing football, laughing with them, we also laugh. I am happy like a child. When I saw the happy smile when I received the gift package, I felt that the hardship and tiredness of doing volunteer work were sweet.” Zhao Shan, a volunteer from the Human Resources Administration Department of Bontop Group Headquarters, said: I have never thought of ordinary stationery. These children will be so happy after receiving them. In the interactive play, they feel that they are really polite and hope to have more opportunities to participate in some of Bontop Group’s public welfare actions in the future."


Wu Nansong, the headmaster of the 7th Primary School Archway Branch, said: “90% of the children in our school are children of migrant workers, but the children’s performance is excellent and they are particularly optimistic. For various reasons, the school’s library has been I have not been able to make good use of it. This time, with the donation of Bontop Group, I will make good use of the library and play its role in making these books truly realize their value."

The opening ceremony of the “Bontop Group Ankang Library” at the 7th Primary School Archway Campus was also held on the same day. Bontop Group also donated more than 5,000 books, bookshelves and desks to the school library, which made the “cold and clear” library a new one. Many students rushed into the library at the first time and read a book that had just been opened. In addition, Bontop Group will donate four “Bontop Group Ankang Library” in the North Outer Center School of Tongchuan District, Dachuan District, Binlang Town Center School in Dachuan District, Yifu Elementary School in Dachuan District, and Taiping Town Primary School in Wanyuan City. Let children who are hungry for knowledge read in the brighter, more spacious library.


Upon learning that the children of the Seventh Primary School Architects were limited in terms of conditions and lack of fine arts and music, Bontop Group specially hired two teachers, Zhan Yong and Kang Yan, to bring two courses of music and art to the children. From the shyness of the gongs to the harmonica, to the end of the class, the whole class blew the songs of "Little Stars" together. The children had a deeper understanding of the music under the careful guidance of Teacher Zhan; in the art class, the children took out the brushes they had just received, and painted the most beautiful motherland in their hearts. For the first time, they learned from the teacher's mouth that the course of painting has the expertise of coloring and lines. From music to art, from harmonica to brushes, from notes to colors, a good blessing is conveyed in this short but warm classroom.

Director of Dazhou Children's Center, Head of Family Department of the Women's Federation of the City, Pan Fang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Women's Federation of Tongchuan District, Dazhou, Gao Jun, Vice President of Bontop Group Dazhong Bazhong Company, Yuan Wei, Brand Director of Bontop Group Yao Wei, Bontop Group Dazhou The company's marketing director Wang Yingping, the seventh primary school archway campus president Wu Nansong and the seventh elementary school campus branch teachers and students, Bontop Group volunteers witnessed this warm moment.

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