"NU SKIN Spring Bud College" public welfare project landed in Chengdu

2019/10/23 16:13

On October 22nd, the launching ceremony of the “New Spring Bud Academy” public welfare project was held in Sichuan International Standard Vocational College. Wang Haijing, deputy secretary-general of the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, Zhang Xinyan, chairman of the Shanghai NU SKIN Foundation, and Zhao Jin, secretary-general, attended the launching ceremony.


The “Spring Bud College” charity project was launched during the 2017 International Girls Day. As an important part of the “Spring Bud Program”, the project will provide free future vocational education and career planning for poor-age girls, help them to step into the society and achieve poverty for individuals and families.

In order to further promote the implementation of the “Spring Bud Academy” public welfare project, the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund and the Shanghai NU SKIN Public Welfare Foundation jointly launched the “New Spring Bud Academy” project to help poor families in the western region including Sichuan Province. Girls of the appropriate age receive vocational skills training and have employment opportunities.


Wang Haijing, Deputy Secretary General of the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, said that in early September, the spring bud program launched an upgraded version of the "Spring Bud program dream of the future" initiative. This action takes "building people by virtue" as the fundamental task, and mainly carries out social practice action with research as the carrier, learning to fulfill the dream action with student aid as the focus, safety and health action with girl protection as the focus, hand in hand growth action in the form of pair assistance and public participation action with Internet as the platform. Under this framework, we will provide vocational skills training, entrepreneurship guidance and employment recommendation for girls of school age from poor families to meet the needs of the times, so as to enrich the extension and connotation of the project.


Zhang Xinyan, chairman of Shanghai NU SKIN Public Welfare Foundation, said that everyone can be talented and everyone can show their talents. Developing vocational education is an important measure to revitalize the countryside. As a multinational company, NU SKIN has always adhered to the mission of being good, and is willing to join the Spring Bud Program. Together with the Foundation, we will work together to cultivate a student, solve a job, and help a poor family. Value has become a stepping stone to their dreams.

It is understood that the content of the project of NU SKIN Spring Bud college includes the establishment of awards / bursaries for poor girls in vocational colleges, short-term vocational and technical training courses for older girls from poor families, quality education, organization of graduation study tours, joint efforts with vocational colleges to create employment platforms, and the launch of one-to-one pledge platform. The first 100 girls will be funded after the project is launched. Sichuan International flaunting vocational college is specifically responsible for the implementation of the project.

For example, the New Spring Bud Academy will focus on the poor areas in the west and the three districts and three districts, and will provide free future vocational education and career planning for the poor older girls nationwide. Its purpose is to help a poor female student and change her future destiny. To help the Chinese nation realize the dream of great rejuvenation by helping the female students of the poor families to achieve their dreams.


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the implementation of the spring bud program, a public welfare program for girls in China. In 1989, China Children and Teenagers’ Fund organized and implemented the "Spring Bud program". So far, it has funded more than 3.69 million poor girls, helped build 1811 Spring Bud schools, distributed 2.17 million sets of bud protection manuals, received 27.84 million donations, and raised 2.1 billion yuan in donations.

Since its inception, the new group has been practicing the corporate mission of “coordinating the power of good and empowering people to improve their quality of life” on a global scale. Since entering China, NU SKIN has actively invested in charitable causes under the guidance of the charity concept of “Promoting fish, continuing to do good, everyone participates”, and has launched many charity projects with children as the main body, and in 2018 At the end of the year, the New Public Welfare Foundation, which has a mission of “igniting the hopes of children, reducing diseases, improving education, eradicating poverty, and creating a better world”, has continued to contribute to health, education and poverty alleviation.


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