"Reading Lights Up Dream" Xinhu Public Welfare Ankang Library Project Unveiling Ceremony Held in Beijing

2019/11/05 09:51

“I like the library. This is a very magical place, because I love reading. As soon as I enter the library, I will enter my own reading world. ”Children cannot hide the heart of joy and tell their love of the school’s "Ankang Library".


Donation site of “Ankang Library” of the second primary school, Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing 

On November 1, the opening ceremony of “Ankang library”, the second primary school of Changziying town donated by China Children and Teenagers' Fund and Xinhu Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd, was held in the second primary school of Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing.

Since 2015, Xinhu Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd has donated 23 "Ankang libraries" in Beijing, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shanxi and other provinces, regions and cities, not only providing material support, but also organizing relevant experts and scholars to make scientific overall classification and careful selection of the donated books; organizing various public welfare activities and lectures into the campus; conducting irregular return visits to the built projects. So far, the project has benefited more than 50000 students. 


The students recited the story of "Youth China" in unison.

Li Haiju, director of China Children and Teenagers' Fund said he hoped to help children broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, open a colorful reading window, add new strength to their healthy growth, and fully display every love experience.

Wang Junhui, executive vice president of Xinhu wealth, said that he hoped that “Ankang library” would not only become a place for students to acquire knowledge, but also help children develop the habit of lifelong reading, so that knowledge will become the wings of their future life to pursue their dreams and benefit the society.


Listening to brother Peng telling the story of the museum, the students are rushing to answer questions.

Zhao yimang, principal of the second primary school in Changziying Town, said that “Ankang library” embodies the care of the society for children and the care of the nation for teenagers. Reading history makes one wise, and reading poetry makes one smart. I hope that students can take books as their companions, meet with classics, walk with the Expo, and draw the color of life, and camp in the school of books.


Brother Peng Peng (Zhang Peng), the youth reading promoter and the founder of the museum in the ear, brings students an interactive reading lecture with the theme of "Chinese memory in the museum". What kind of place is the museum? Brother Peng said to the children, "this is the place where we all learn for life.” Every cultural relic in the museum has traces and temperatures touched by people, including those who made it, used it, and preserved it and so on. Through these cultural relic stories, you can feel the wonder of the museum. What are the historical legends in small steamed bread? What kind of cultural relic story will there be in a pair of pants? In fact, the excellent traditional Chinese culture is around us, we need to read it carefully.


The pupils sang the ancient poem "Long Songs"

During the activity, the children sang the ancient poem "long song line", the idiom story interpretation of "return to Zhao after perfection", and displayed lanterns, science fiction paintings and calligraphy works. The children's talent performance won applause. Every child is a born artist. In the theme painting activity of "reading lightens dreams", children express and wave their creativity to their fullest, and pry up a childlike world full of imagination. Gorgeous pictures carry children's dreams. A lifelike picture jumps onto the canvas and gathers into a picture that carries children's beautiful vision. 


"Reading Bright Dreams" Painting Activity

It is reported that in 2008, China Children and Teenagers’ Fund launched the "Ankang library" project, which aims to implement the spirit and policies of the relevant instructions of the party and the state, mobilize social forces to help children in remote areas, left behind children and other areas with relatively backward educational resources and environment, enrich their after-school life, provide more guidance for their childhood, and help children less Healthy growth in body and mind.

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