CCTF went to Zhang County, Gansu Province to Screen and Treat Children with Audiovisual Impairment

2019/08/01 10:52

From May 20 to 23, China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF), together with the Chinese PLA General Hospital, carried out the screening and assistance activities for children with audiovisual impairment in Zhang county, Gansu province. According to the general requirements of the designated assistance work of the All-China Women’s Federation, the key screening and assistance was provided for children with audiovisual impairment aged 2 to 18 in Zhang county, and the visual screening was conducted for normal children from age 6 to 12.

中国人民解放军总医院的医生在对甘肃漳县儿童进行检查 1.jpg

Doctors at the Chinese PLA General Hospital inspected children in Zhang county, Gansu province (Photo credited to Chen Bin)


Doctors at the Chinese PLA General Hospital inspected children in Zhang county, Gansu province (Photo credited to Chen Bin)

At the screening points of Zhang County Hospital in Gansu province and Sancha Primary School in Zhang county, experts of ear, nose throat and ophthalmology from the Chinese PLA General Hospital conducted detailed screening for children with visual and hearing impairment registered by the Zhang county Disabled Person’s Federation. Doctors carefully checked the medical records of the children, asked the children and parents about their conditions from time to time, and make further examination for them.

According to Cai Jingzhi, director of the program, said that a total of 120 children will be screened, including 15 children with audiovisual impairment who will need surgery, and will receive surgery at the general hospital of the people’s liberation army in the summer of 2019. Thirty-three children with vision correction will receive treatment in Gansu province. CCTF will pay for the surgical treatment and rehabilitation of children with audiovisual impairment. In addition, CCTF will set up children health records for those who participate in the screening.

Xu Xiaoguang, director of the fundraising department, said that “Sancha Primary School has a class of more than 40 students in the third grade, with only one child wearing glasses. The local teacher assumed that all other children had good eyesight, but through screening many children were found myopia, which they didn’t even know it.”


Charity team of CCTF gave children new shoes


Children are happy with their new shoes

The charity team of CCTF also sent 870 pairs of new shoes to the students of Sancha Primary School. Children that received shoes said happily “Thanks to those who sent us the best gifts for Children’s Day!” CCTF together with ABD KIDS, sent a total of 1 million yuan worth of shoes to Zhang county, benefiting 4,000 children.

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