“Better Tomorrow·Rainbow Heart” Public Welfare Program was Signed in Beijing

2019/07/09 13:59

In order to establish a good family relationship, family education and family trait, maintaining harmonious parent-child relationship, promoting the comprehensive qualities of parents and children, the “Better Tomorrow·Rainbow Heart” public welfare program launched by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF) and Beijing Zhongqing Chuangrui Investment and Management Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing on May 13, 2019.


Signing Ceremony

Zhu Xisheng, secretary general of CCTF and Fu Yan, chairman of Beijing Zhongqing Chuangrui Investment Management Co., Ltd. Attended the signing ceremony. “Better Tomorrow·Rainbow Heart” aims to improve the current situation of parent-child relationship, meet the growing needs of parents for family education, and promote the common growth of parents and children through communication. Through this program, they hope to help more parents to be the first teachers of their children, help more children to face up to themselves and learn to express themselves, so that more parents and children will learn to empathize and appreciate growth, and to form good family relationships.

It is reported that Beijing Zhongqing Chuangrui Investment Management Co., Ltd. will donate directly to the “Better Tomorrow·Rainbow Heart” program after the launch ceremony, and use its business resources to mobilize many enterprises to support together, with the first donation of no less than 3 million yuan. Parent-child camp, parent-child community reading sharing activity, parent-child film sharing activity, parent-child theme research, study tour, national parent-child relationship public welfare activity and other activities will be held.


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