Children’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Fun Games were Held in Beijing

2019/07/05 16:59

On May 12, in the 11th National Day of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, in order to implement the “National Comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Planning (2016-2020)”, the “Children’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Fun Games” were held in Beijing. This activity is a part of “Children’s Disaster Prevention and Reduction Public Benefit Program” held by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF) and Douyin. Students and their parents from Beijing Daxing Experimental School of Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences participated in the fun games. 


Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of CCTF gave a speech

At the opening ceremony, Zhu Xisheng, secretary general of CCTF, said that CCTF has always taken promoting the comprehensive development of children and teenagers as its fundamental mission, and the “Children’s Safety Education and Development” is one of the main public welfare directions of CCTF. The “Parent-Child Fun Games” is to combine “Security and Exercise” and “School and Family”. Through the linkage between families and schools, combining sports with disaster risk reduction knowledge, to popularize safety knowledge and skills, promote the formation of “family, school and society” integrated educational environment and good atmosphere, and explore an effective mode of disaster risk reduction science education, publicity and advocacy. 


Yuan Jiajun, senior brand director of Douyin

Yuan Jiajun, senior brand director of Douyin, said that Douyin has always been concerned about the safety of minors. It has not only established the “Douyin Internet Safety Research Center for Youth”, compiled the manual of “Disaster Prevention and Reduction for Children” with CCTF, but also donated “Disaster Prevention and Reduction Classroom for Children” as the base of children’s safety education activities. This parent-child fun games will combine safety education and sports, so that children can improve their awareness of disaster risk reduction and their knowledge and skills during sports and play, so as to benefit more parents and children.

The Fire Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department sent personnel to attend the opening ceremony of the event, and called on all sectors to respond to the call, pay wide attention to, participate in and support the publicity and education of fire safety popularization, and make joint efforts to popularize safety knowledge and self-prevention and self-support skills, as well as improve the fire safety awareness of people.


Parent-child fun games “Douyin Safety Encyclopedia”: children throw the ball to answer the safety questions

Parent-child fun games set up four competitions, including “Douyin Safety Encyclopedia”, “I am a fireman”, “Stretcher Rescue Team” and “Earthquake Emergency Shelter”. In the “Douyin Safety Encyclopedia”, children have to jump to throw the ball out of the box on their backs and answer questions about safety. “4-7 minutes may be fatal drowning”, “oil paint and banana oil cannot be stored in the kitchen”, “you should keep calm when the earthquake happens, run quickly to outdoor space”, “the trauma emergency method is to stop bleeding, bandage, and fixation”, “to prevent smoke harm in fire you should cover you mouth and nose with towel or clothes and escape through low position”... children answered quickly. In the activity of “Stretcher Rescue Team”. each group of families made simple stretchers with bed sheets. Parents used simple stretchers to transport their children to the designated location, and completed the guessing game about disaster prevention and safety equipment.

Through parent-child fun games, the “Children’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation” public welfare program let children and parents learn skills and knowledge on disaster prevention, and attract more loving people pay close attention to children’s safety education, to join the science popularization activities on disaster prevention and mitigation, and form a good situation of the whole society of common concern and participation.

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