The Movie World in Children’s Eyes

2019/07/01 11:00

“What kind of movie do you like?”

Children in the cities may give answers like Frozen, Zootopia and Wolffy, but in the countryside, children can't even name a movie and haven’t been able to go to the cinema.

However, this situation has gradually changed in Yunnan, Guangdong, Hebei and other provinces. Because of the Yixingyiping public welfare program held by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF), movies entered the rural classroom, children can see the Whirlwind Women, Amazing China, Le Petit Prince and other films with different themes without leaving the school gate. In the movie world, they can feel the heroes’ optimistic and positive spirits, and also plant the seeds of pursuing their dreams.


The influence of “Yixingyiping” is still spreading, and the public welfare concept of spiritual support is gradually gaining popularity. On April 28, the campus cinema of Beijing Primary School in Yiliqi, Hetian, Xinjiang, donated by teachers and students of Qianjin Primary School in Haidian district, Beijing through the charity sale, was undergoing intensive installation and was expected to be put into use in early May.

Qianjin Primary School combined film observation with subject knowledge, theme education and practical activities, and has achieved good social effects. In 2018, when Wang Liping, principal of the school, went to Hetian Yiliqi township in Xinjiang province for an investigation, she felt deeply that “building the aspiration is the first step of helping the poor”. “Build a cinema for children in Xinjiang” has become the dream of all teachers and students. Therefore, the school carried out the charity sale for 11 months, and all the 653 teachers and students participated in the activity to raise a total of 101,882 yuan.

“Yixingyiping” public welfare project launched by CCTF and love enterprises, by the high quality film class culture works as a fulcrum, spreading high standard film education across the country. In this way, rural children can enjoy the same movie-watching resources and receive cultural edification as urban children. Besides, movie-watching guidance training classes are held for local teachers to help teachers better give children correct value guidance.

So far, the “Yixingyiping” public welfare program has benefited schools in five provinces and cities (Hebei, Yunnan, Guangzhou, Beijing and Xinjiang) nationwide, with a total of more than 1,000 broadcasts. The selection of high-quality films and the appreciation of excellent films explained by experts and professors of Beijing Film Academy has trained more than 30 teachers in the school, which has been warmly welcomed by teachers and students and achieved good social benefits.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes. Under the guidance of teachers, different life experiences make children have their own understanding of the content of the film.


The Wolf Totem / Hebei Fuping Yulinkou Central Primary School / Zhang Wenning

The film tells the story of humans and wolves on the prairie. The survival of the wolf can control the number of the yellow sheep, but the number of the yellow sheep cannot be too small, or the wolves will attack the human. Thus, the organisms in an ecosystem must maintain their balance, or it will bring devastating disasters. In addition, man must not destroy nature, but must cherish and protect it. The film also describes the situation when wolves are hunting. They are smart, brave, unity, but also greedy and cunning. We have to learn their advantages, to help each other.


Big Fish & Begonia / Yunnan Dali Luming Primary School / Zuo Siyuan

Today, we saw “Big Fish and Begonia” under the organization of the school. The film tells the story of the girl “Chun” after all kinds of hardships to help the boy “Kun” reborn in return for his kindness. We should learn from the hero to repay the good qualities, but also to know how to convey kindness, to care about more people in need of help.


Glad / Hebei Fuping Yulinkou Central Primary School / Zhao Zhenxuan

Chen Yifei, a girl in a single-parent family, could not fit in with her new classmates and felt self-abasement and no happiness at all. Yan Xujia is living in a rich family, but he is not happy without the company of his family. The two children become good friends in the process of encouraging each other, and gradually understand the meaning of happiness, which are the company of family, the encouragement of friends, and to face life with smile.

From the children’s writing, we seem to see the spirit of these films left a mark in the hearts of children, including reflection on the environment, and sense of life.

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