The training class of "Yixing Yiping" public welfare program for primary and middle school teachers have completed

2018/10/09 10:38
In the afternoon of August 9, the completion symposium of the first "Yixing Yiping" public welfare program of primary and middle schools teacher training class was held in Beijing. The 23 students in the training class are teachers from 23 rural schools in Yunnan, Guangdong and Hebei Province who organize and guide students to watch movies.
Site of activity
Xu Xu, Deputy Secretary-General of China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, attended the graduation seminar. She affirmed the positive contributions made by the school's film watching instructors to the "Yixing Yiping" program, and stressed that "Yixing Yiping" is a public welfare program that needs the concerted efforts of all parties and needs long-term promotion. She said: "children are the key stage of life, and films are the integrated carrier of children's moral and aesthetic education education. We will better meet children's aspirations for a better life and support and promote the all-round development of children, especially those in poor areas”.
Xu Xu, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, listened to the participants' suggestions
"Yixing yiping" is a public welfare program initiated by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund and caring enterprise. The goal is to promote films into schools and accompany children's growth by building equipment and selecting films suitable for children. "Yixing Yiping" has been implemented in 23 schools in Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan and Hebei since the program was launched half a year ago.
In order to improve the ability of the school's film watching instructors and better play the education function of the excellent children's film, teachers from Beijing film academy were employed in this training class. Focus on using good equipment, watching films and guiding students to watch films, select typical films as cases, and organize students to analyze and discuss and improve their learning.
The six-day training course is compact and rich, and students generally benefit a lot.
In Xiangyun County, Yunnan Province, “Yixing Yiping” has been implemented in 10 schools, and organizing students to watch movies has become a regular teaching activity in these schools. Luo Tianbin, the principal of complete primary school in the western district of the county, believes that students prefer watching movies to other forms of teaching. After watching the movie, the students wrote down their feelings. "I like the little girl in the movie because she helped the old pilot realize his dream", said a second grader after watching French children's film the Little Prince.
A participant shares the experience of the course
Chen Yaoqiang, principal of Luokeng primary school in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, said they combined organizing students to watch movies with moral education education, and carried out “a little model looking for love” among students according to the film content. Guide students to “develop a good habit within 21 days”. “There were a lot of touching stories at the event”, he said.
Zhang Conghua, principal of Tianma primary school in Xiangyun County, Yunnan Province, said, "due to education environment and growing environment, children in the mountains tend to be introverted, shy and not good at communication". Some of the emotional education films pushed by “Yixing Yiping” have played a very good role in improving the psychological state of children in mountain villages.
Group photo of the trainees
Participants agreed that choosing more high-quality films suitable for children, compared with hardware construction, was a problem for the “Yixing Yiping” program. In the current film ecology, the marginalization of children's film production cannot be changed for a while. Therefore, it is necessary to make overall plans and adopt comprehensive measures to solve the problem of the shortage of children's film sources. In addition, it is necessary to optimize the production of leading films to make them more childlike and attractive.

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