The “Eagle Soaring Project”, A Public Welfare Program for the Children of the Public Security Heroes, was launched in Beijing

2018/09/18 15:32
On August 16, the launch ceremony of “Eagle Soaring Project” and “Red Inheritance” Summer Camp for children of public security heroes was held in Beijing. This public welfare program was under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security and the All-China Women Federation, and hosted by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund. Deng Li, Liu Zhao, the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and the All-China Women Federation attended the launch ceremony.
Deng Li highly praised the glorious tradition and outstanding achievements of police team. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jingping’s important instructions, the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, in accordance with the requirements of the All-China Women Federation and under the guidance of relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security, has actively acted, researched and carefully planned the “Eagle Soaring Project” public welfare program, to support the healthy growth of children of the public security heroes. She encourages “Eagle Soaring” students to be the inheritor of the spirit of the public security models, inheriting the excellent qualities of their parents, who are always loyal to the Party and people of the country, selfless dedication and not afraid of difficulties and courageously. She hoped that their children could establish lofty aspiration, exercise and strengthen the body, as well as study hard. She urged the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund to give full play to the role of a public welfare platform, pool the loving forces of all sectors of the society, and implement “Eagle Soaring Project” well, to create a growth environment full of care and healthy development for children.
Liu Zhao pointed out that the public security martyrs sacrificed for the country, who are always the loyal guard of the Party and people. Taking care of their families, especially their minor children, is our duty-bound responsibility. The establishment of “Eagle Soaring Project” will encourage the police team to devote themselves to the public security with higher morale, and will produce positive demonstration effect, driving the whole society to give more care and love to the public security team. He hoped that those children would be grateful for the care of the Party and the country as well as the warmth of the whole society. With all the positive energy, they can follow the examples of their parents, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, grow into talents, and make efforts to contribute to the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of China.
The “Eagle Soaring Project” has received lots of support from a number of caring enterprises during the preparation period. Beijing Security and Protection Industry Association and Kangde Investment Group Co., Ltd donated 10 millions and 5 millions yuan respectively to the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund.
It is reported that the “Eagle Soaring Project” mainly aims to provide care and help for the minor children of sacrificed police officers (including officers and auxiliary policemen in active service) and those with special difficulties. The main content of the program includes “Red Heritage” summer camp, “Soaring Eagle” fellowship, Children Support, and “Eagle Soaring” E-Documents.
After the ceremony, 23 representatives of the children of the police heroes from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi and Hebei will embark on a seven-day journey of “Red Inheritance” in Jiangxi Province. From Jinggangshan, Ruijin to Nanchang, they will follow their forefathers’ red footprints, learn and inherit the glorious tradition of China, appreciate and comprehend the great spirit of heroes, increase their learning abilities, and become builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.

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