“Love Together - Spring Bud Health Program” Create Optimistic Future for Girls

2018/09/06 14:36
The Spring Bud girls recited a touching prose poem, expressing her longing of innocence.
In the evening of August 8, at the Great Wall of Juyongguan in Beijing, “Love Together” Chairty Night was held by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, calling on all sectors of society to further support the cause of caring for girls. Xu Xu, Deputy Secretary General of the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, and Cai Bingguo, Chairman of the Guangzhou Tingmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., and representatives of women federations from across the country attended the event.
In 2017, China Children and Teenagers’ Fund together with Guangzhou Tingmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. jointly implemented the “Spring Bud Health Program”, which aims to improve the living and learning quality of girls in poor areas.
“Spring Bud Health Program” has benefited nearly 30,000 girls in one year
“Girls are an important force for sustainable development and civilization progress of society, and caring for girls is caring for our future and hope. We hope that more enterprises, people, NGO and volunteers can join us to pay attention to girls in rural areas and help them to be confident and grow up better”,said Xu xu, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund.
Cao Bingguo, Chairman of the Tingmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., stated that “Every enterprise should have and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. Tingmei hopes to continue to join hands with China Children and Teenagers’ Fund to participate in the healthy growth of girls, especially in rural areas”.
The leaders present flag to the volunteer team of Tingmei
Any public welfare actions cannot leave the support of loving enterprise and people. At the beginning of the program, Guangzhou Tingmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. have given great support to “Spring Bud Health Program”. In addition to donation, Tingmei also organized volunteers to visit girls’ families in poor areas and sent them warmth and encouragement.
During the event, the leaders presented flag to the volunteer team of Tingmei, and gave out “Healthy Growth Bags’ for Spring Bud girls. In the future, volunteer activities will continue to help more girls face the future with optimism and confidence.

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