Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station in Jiangmen

2018/07/11 10:38

On June 28, sponsored by China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, supported by Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation of Guangdong Province, One Family Welfare Center and other organizations, “Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station”public welfare program of community integration has settled in Jiangmen, Guangdong.

“Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station” public welfare program of community integration has settled in Jiangmen
At the event, students from Jiangmen Xingyu Special Education and Training Center, as well as students from Jiangmen Wuyi Biguiyuan Bilingual School joined together, which was the first time for the program to cooperate with ordinary community school. Yan Anzhi, motivation speaker and program promotion ambassador of “Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station” brought the speech of “The splendid world is better because of me”, played the piano, brewed coffee to show his newly acquired skills, and interacted with guests and students humorously. Yan was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old, but with the patient guidance of his parents, he gradually learned to speak, stood on his own feel, learned to be confident, and grew up as an ordinary child. Yan Anzhi’s father, Yan Zhijun gave a speech to introduce the “Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station” program and share his feelings as both program specialist and the father of a child in “star” (autism). He shared his successful experiences in exploring and practicing to everyone on-site, and made those parents felt encouraged.
Yan Anzhi showed his newly-learned skill of brewing coffee at public speech for the first time
Students from Wuyi Biguiyuan Bilingual School was practicing Tai Chi Pushing Hands
At the end of the event, Xiao Bing, Tai Chi Pushing Hands Coach from Foshan, brought his Tai Chi Pushing Hands class to students and parents there. Through the practicing and interaction of Tai Chi Pushing Hands, it can help children to grow up healthier, develop physical coordination and break social barriers. Everyone on-site were actively participate in the event under the warm atmosphere. Everyone was interested in this new program which integrated fitness, intelligence and entertainment.
During the event
After this event, “Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station”public welfare program of community integration has been officially settled in Jiangmen. Starting from Xingyu Special Education and Training Center, it will be gradually extended to all communities in Jiangmen, providing targeting assistance, training, scientific research and other public welfare services for autistic children, families and employees. In addition, the program will advocate the public to give more understanding, care and assistance to autistic children and families, and open a new chapter for “children of stars” to have a happy childhood and a happy life.
Since the launch of the “Happy Childhood, Cheerful E Station” public welfare program on April 8, the program has set up six stations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanchang and Jiangmen across the country. The event was supported by Jiangzhong branch of Biguiyuan volunteer association, Jiangmen City Company of Biguiyuan Jiangzhong District, Bright Scholar Education Group and its Biguiyuan Bilingual School. Wei Lan, Deputy Secretary General of Biguiyuan Volunteer Association, and Ruan Qing, President Assistant of Bright Scholar Education Group attended the event.

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