“Little Master Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Class” Opening Ceremony Held in Guangzhou

2018/06/27 12:44

The China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF), Guangzhou Zhongqiao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou University, held the opening ceremony of the “Little Master Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Class” at Guangzhou University, on June 23.

The class invites inheritors of Canton enamel to give lectures, showing and teaching children to learn about traditional this intangible cultural heritage.


Zhao Donghua, vice-chairman of the CCTF, awarded Guangzhou University a learning base of “Little Master Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Class”.


Xu Xu, deputy secretary-general of the CCTF, delivers a speech.

Xu Xu, deputy secretary-general of the CCTF, said  the project has a mission to inherit and develop intangible cultural heritage and guide children and even the whole society to strengthen cultural self-confidence.

Chen Wenmin, a national intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Canton enamel, and Kang Huifang, a master of Chaozhou embroidery, gave a live lecture, introducing the historical origins, artistic features, compositional features, pigment features, and characteristics of painted embroidery, and displayed some excellent works.

The classes will be carried out through online and offline lectures this year. It will invite 50 national intangible cultural heritage inheritors to talk about 50 projects online. The first lectures will be held on Jing embroidery, carved lacquer, Liangping woodcut New Year pictures, Liangping lamp play, Liangping bamboo curtain painting, Liu's bamboo, Suzhou embroidery, Canton enamel and Chaozhou embroidery in Guangdong Province, Beijing City, Chongqing City, Sichuan Province, and Jiangsu Province.

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