Kindergarten Teachers Show Graceful Demeanor

2018/06/17 20:36

A kindergarten teacher demeanor show titled "I Am a Kindergarten Teacher" kicked off on June 15 in Beijing with a series of activities to be held during the 7th National Preschool Education Awareness Month. The event was sponsored by the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF), China Children's Center, and Nanjing Xiuqiang Education Technology Co., Ltd.


At the end of 2017, the CCTF set up a “Special Fund for Kids and Kindergarten Teachers” under the donation of Nanjing Xiuqiang Education Technology Co., Ltd. The CCTF worked with the China Children's Center to implement the “Good Gardener” charity project.


The “I am a Kindergarten Teacher” activity kick-off ceremony was one of a series activities launched by the “Good Gardener” charity project to draw public attention to kid education. It will set good examples through collecting micro videos and stories of good kindergarten teachers. In addition, teacher trainings will also be held to improve the teaching quality of preschool teachers.


Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of the CCTF, gives a speech.

Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of the CCTF, said the activity will create a good atmosphere of respecting teachers and teaching in the society, and will set examples so that teachers can follow suit.


China Children's Center Director Yuan Lixin gives a speech.

Yuan Lixin, director of the China Children's Center, said that preschool education in China faces the dual pressures of insufficient resources and low quality. To improve the quality of teachers is the most critical solution to the problems. The China Children's Center would like to make full use of its profound experience in teacher training to contribute to the development of preschool education in China.


Lu Xiuqiang, Chairman of Nanjing Xiuqiang Education Technology Co., Ltd. gives a speech.

Lu Xiuqiang, chairman of Nanjing Xiuqiang Education Technology Co., Ltd., expressed that he hoped to do his best to support the sound development of preschool education, enabling more children to enjoy high-quality preschool education, and also allowing more preschool teachers to have wonderful and dignified occupational happiness.

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