Action Made to Guarantee Children’s Safety and Healthy Growth

2017/12/06 00:45


The "Safeguarding the Safe and Healthy Growth of Children" event launched by the China Children and Teenager's Fund (CCTF) kicked off at the China Science and Technology Museum, on November 30, in Beijing.

The "Safeguarding the Safe and Healthy Growth of Children" action is to help rural left-behind children to establish a good sense of self-protection, hygiene habits and environmental awareness.

According to statistics, the number of left-behind children in China reached 9.02 million. In poor areas, due to the relative backwardness of living conditions, many children, especially left-behind children, lack adequate daily care, while a considerable number of children haven’t yet built good hygiene habits. The environmental, food, and hygiene problems pose many challenges to children's physical health and development.


Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of the CCTF, gives a speech.

The project will begin with increasing children health education and helping rural children build good hygiene habits. Various activities will enable urban children and left-behind children in rural areas to learn more knowledge about food safety, personal hygiene, sanitation, and self-protection, said Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of the CCTF.


Experts from the fields of food safety supervision, health knowledge, and children health protection attended the launching ceremony.


Hydrolase Co., Ltd. donated RMB 2 million during the ceremony.

Hydrolase Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based company specialized in producing organic phosphorus pesticide degradation enzyme (Biase enzyme), donated RMB 2 million to the project and pledged to improve environmental protection through high technologies so as to ensure food safety for children.


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