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About CCTF

An Overview of the Organization

China Children and Teenagers' Foundation (CCTF), established on July 28, 1981, is the first national public-raising foundation. Kang Keqing, Chen Muhua, Gu Xiulian, and Chen Zhili successively held the president of CCTF. Song Xiuyan, former Vice-President and First Member of the Secretariat of the ACWF, is the current president of CCTF. Peng Liyuan is the special envoy for promoting Chinese girls’ education under the Spring Bud Project of CCTF.

The mission of CCTF is to care for, foster, and educate children and teenagers in China and to assist the government in improving the children and teenagers' education and welfare conditions. Spring Bud Project, Safety and Health Growth Project, Children's Happy Home and HELLO Kids are the four philanthropic brands fostered by CCTF.

In 1989, CCTF launched and implemented Spring Bud Project to help girls in poverty-stricken areas. The Spring Bud Project has become a well-known label for promoting the welfare education for needy girls in China.

In 2000, in order to appeal the whole society to provide a safe and healthy environment for children in China, CCTF launched a large-scale public welfare project--China Children's Safety and Health Development Plan, or Safety and Health Plan for short.

In 2014, ACWF and CCTF jointly launched Children’s Happy Home project. The purpose of the project is to help solve the problems in life care, kinship care, safety and mental health for the children separated from their parents for long periods.

In 2015, the program HELLO Kids was established. We send Lover Packages, representing cares and greetings from all walks of life, to impoverished children and the children affected by natural disasters.

CCTF always keep to its original aspiration--adhering to passing love and faith from generation to generation, and creating considerably warmth and miracles from helping needy children and teenagers. We look forward to working with you consistently, fulfilling children’s dreams and making a better future for the nation.